Scott Haynes Director of Information Technology

Scott began his first career in Theater nearly three decades ago modeling and performing improv on the streets of Washington, DC. In college, he discovered that he would much rather be behind the stage than on it and he spent the next few years touring the East Coast as a professional Technical Director/Stagehand/Props Master/Master Carpenter….okay, anything that seemed interesting and paid enough to cover the rent. His off time was spent setting up artists on national tours for various venues.

When he got married, he fell back on his hobby of information technology and has spent the past twenty years as an IT consultant. Six years ago, he arrived at ECE where he is responsible for maintaining all of our computer and network systems, saving the day when issues arise and ensuring that the technology we use is at its peak efficiency and continuously updated.

In his spare time, Scott is an avid foodie and spends his spare time foisting food experiments off on his wife and children.