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WHAT: Holiday Office Party
EVENT DATE: December 14, 2012
CLIENT: Three Sheets to the Wind
LOCATION: Richmond, VA
TYPE: Company Christmas Party
Live Band


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Jack Shannon
703 Southlake Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23236


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We know that this economy is tough on small businesses. We know that the traditional Company Christmas Party has been scaled back or eliminated. We get it. It's easy to cut the holiday line-item when budgets need trimming. It's a shame, though, really, because that party is often a boost to morale, a time to get to know your co-workers outside of a work context, and a great way to make sure you take time to get into the spirit of the season when so many things are happening so fast.

We wanted to provide a platform for companies to treat their employees to an escape from the everyday routine. We wanted to keep the ticket price low to make it easy for everyone to get into the spirit, and we wanted to maintain our commitment to producing special events with high production value and surprises to keep things fresh--both for the audience and ourselves.

And because we're a little less boring than typical corporate party bands, (and because it was our party), we added a few holiday elements that you would never see at most politically-correct holiday parties. Exhibit one [pictured at left] was our cover version of the SNL holiday classic D*ck in a Box, with Danny Marnier ably handling the Justin Timberlake role. Other holiday tunes included All Alone on Christmas, featuring our talented Jessica Bufford on lead vocals, It's Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Wham's 80s classic, Last Christmas, The E-Street Band's arrangement of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, (with super roadie, Rusty Nugget, appearing on stage as Santa Claus), and The Eagles' Please Come Home For Christmas. To keep it extra yacht rocky, we also played the 1983 Hall & Oates' Jingle Bell Rock arrangement. Although that video is probably the worst thing the best-selling duo ever did, Topper honored G.E. Smith's guitar solo note-for-note.

Members of the extended Three Sheets family comprised the RVA for Africa Choir, hearkening back to the spirit of giving in the 80s. We Are The World was a ton of fun, and contrasted with the frankly depressing-by-comparison British Band Aid answer, Feed The World (Do They Know It's Christmas?). But Walter Ego's backing tracks sounded awesome, and we'd like to think that at least one person in the crowd of hundreds was moved to find out whether he or she could donate to RVA for Africa. (Spoiler alert: You can't.)

Several companies brought their employees to the event including Toast Restaurant, (our Lido Deck Sponsor), AFR, our decor sponsor, 103.7 The River, our radio partner, 804RVA, and many more!

Special thanks go out to Thomas Coleman for setting the mood and opening the show; Alex McArthur, Kevin Willoughby, and the house crew at the National for making us look and sound great. Thanks also to saxophonist JC Kuhl, flugel horn player, Mike Davison, and percussionist Bobby Bravado for joining us on stage for what was a very special night for Three Sheets in Richmond! But thanks most of all go out to everyone who spent their money to come out and join us for our Company Christmas Party at the National! Happy Holidays!