X-cluzive soul was above and beyond expectations. They literally killed it and everyone loved them. Very easy to work with them as well, and everything went very smoothly. It was a great weekend all around but they were definitely a highlight!


Princeton University Event
May 04, 2013

Saturday night was a smashing success. There were a ton of parents in town from all over (my parents and brother came all the way from Texas for the weekend) and the night did not disappoint. X-cluzive Soul brought the house down. It was a PERFECT choice for parents weekend so I have to give you credit for the call there. I'm definitely going to recommend the next social chair try to get them for next parents weekend. They played motown and soul and good dancing music for the parents (the floor was packed with everyone cutting the rug) and then when the parents started to peter out, they threw in some really good pop numbers for the kids that kept the party going. I'd say it was one of the best nights with the most people coming up to me saying how good of a time it was since I've been social chair. I think the band had a great time too--those guys are awesome! I'll let you know how the bull goes on Wednesday but I'm sure it's going to be rocking.


Parents Weekend
Nov 10, 2012