Very professional. Good communications in advance of event. On time, set up and dressed appropriately. Good playlist. Would definitely recommend and would hire again.

-Lee S.-

Nine O Clock Dance Club
Dec 07, 2018

Soul Play was great for my fraternity's event this past weekend. They played a wide variety of music that had everyone up and about and they really made the evening with their entertainment. Really appreciate their work and would highly recommend.


Wake Forest Fraternity Event
Oct 05, 2018

Soul Play was AMAZING! The best wedding band we've ever seen and they really killed it at our wedding reception! We've had at least 10 families call us asking how to get in touch with this band for their children's wedding receptions. They got the crowd going and the party never stopped. They were so much fun and all of our guests haven't stopped talking about how much they loved Soul Play! Thank you so much for the best night!


Charleston, South Carolina
Feb 10, 2018

The band was amazing! Everyone complimented on how great they were and how much fun they had with them. The interaction with the crowd was great as well as the song selection! Thank you so much for helping to make our day so special!!

-Maggie M.-

Jul 22, 2017

I just want to personally thank you, as well! It was great to work with you and EVERYONE had so much fun at the reception! People are still talking about awesome y'all were and how much fun they had! Thank you for taking the time to make sure the entertainment was exactly what we wanted and thank you to the band members for being absolutely incredible! I can't thank y'all enough!! I will definitely be recommending yall to anyone looking to book a band!

-Bethany S.-

Jun 24, 2017

Can’t thank you enough. Soul Play was AMAZING. Everyone commented on how great they are…..and asked where we got them from. We have spread the word. Please thank the band for us again when you see them. We really didn’t get a chance to give them a proper thank you at the end of the evening. Our wedding Planner, Tara Jordan handled getting them our tip. Wish the night could have gone on much longer……

-Nan S.-

Jun 17, 2017

The band was all we could have asked for - they were fabulous and several of Lauren's friend have asked for their names - thanks for your help in making our reception a night to Remember

-Debbie T.-

Mother of the Bride
Jun 10, 2017

Soul Play put on an amazing performance at our wedding.  I highly recommend them, if you’re looking for a band that plays a little of everything.  We did not have an opportunity to see them perform live prior to our wedding, but relied on their website and videos on the web.  They are high energy and like to interact with the crowd.  At one point, they orchestrated a boys vs girls dance off, which was a lot of fun.  We continue to get great reviews from people who attended our wedding.  We appreciate all your hard work setting us up with Soul Play at the wedding.

-Chad & Kaylan-

Oct 01, 2016

Soul Play was amazing!! They got everyone up and dancing and kept the party going! They were easy to work with too! People were raving about them afterwards!! Thanks so much!! 


Jul 09, 2016

They were great and we all had a great time.  Thanks for the suggestion and I had several people ask me who they were.  I'm sure they will get a job or 2 out of it!    


May 14, 2016

I think you might surmise from this photo that Soul Play was indeed a huge hit with everyone, Including  the father of the bride doing his best rendition of Michael Jackson!

Thank you so very much for all of your efforts in making our event such a huge success.  The band was outstanding and kept people on the dance floor all evening!!  We could not have been more pleased with the service  EastCoast Entertainment provided us from start to finish, flawless in every way!

Thank you again for the great recommendation of Soul Play and for the top notch service from your organization.  So glad you and your family could join us for the celebration!


Raleigh, North Carolina
Sep 26, 2015

AMAZING!!! We booked Soul Play through Steve Harry and can't say enough good things about it. We are still getting compliments on how fun our wedding was all thanks to Soul Play. Everyone was up dancing and having a great time. Thank you Soul Play for making our wedding perfect!


Soul Play - Wedding
Linville, North Carolina
Sep 19, 2015

Thanks Steve. We had an incredible time! The band couldn't have been more fun! I will absolutely be passing your contact information to others. I've shared it with a few already.


Linville, North Carolina
Sep 19, 2015

Thanks Steve - the band was great, our President said they were the best band we've ever had!!!


Hibernian Society Event
Charleston, South Carolina
Aug 08, 2015

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Soul Play. What a great recommendation you gave us! They were the life of the party. I especially loved how they got the guests involved on the dance floor and stage. We have been receiving compliments nonstop. It was so much fun and I wish we could do it over again! I will be sure to recommend them to others.

-Marty Beth-

Richmond, Virginia
May 30, 2015

Soul Play did a great job at the wedding reception.  They sang the songs that Mary Beth had requested as well as others of their choosing.  The reception went on until 12:30, and they were lively and entertaining until the end.  They took breaks but did not overdo them.  There was dancing to their music from approximately 7:30 until 12:30.  We received many compliments from the wedding guests on the band.  I think that your recommendation of Soul Play was a good call, and I would recommend them to anyone that request my opinion of their performance.


Wedding Planner
Richmond, Virginia
May 30, 2015

I did speak with some of the kids.  Everyone said they LOVED the band and want the same kind next year.  Their manager, Gloria, was very easy to work with, and to my knowledge, everything went well.  

Thanks so much for handling this every year.  Your recommendations have been fantastic!


Charlotte Prom
Charlotte, North Carolina
Apr 18, 2015

Everyone has been raving about Soul Play. We all had a wonderful time and you all were so great and accommodating. I loved every minute of the evening. Thank you all for a great show! 

We would love to have you all back soon! Thanks again!


UNC Event
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Feb 06, 2015

I want to tell you how much we enjoyed "Soul Play".  They were great!  I enjoyed working with Gloria, they did everything we asked.  The most important thing was they acted like they enjoyed themselves and our party.    Everyone at the party loved them and I hope we can get some business for them.

Thanks Barry, as always you are so pleasant to work with.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Jan 24, 2015

WE LOVED SOUL PLAY!!!  Boy did we dance, dance, dance.  And by “we” I mean the Members AND the staff!!!  The Band was wonderful – very talented, very engaging and very fun!  During the party one of the Members said “Book them for next year!!!”  So I think that says it all!!!

...Thanks again for suggesting them.  We were happy beyond belief!!!  I would be happy to offer a reference anytime, of course.

Talk to you soon!


Country Club Holiday Party
Hilton Head, South Carolina
Dec 13, 2014

The band was great. I couldn't believe how fast they got my "old" crowd up and dancing. I would highly recommend them at any time. Next time, I'll give you a shout.


High School Reunion
Charleston, South Carolina
Nov 07, 2014

Before we go to bed tonight we have to give a huge thank you for being THE party last night! Everyone had an amazing time thanks to your unbelievable energy and talent! Zach and I danced the whole night and still made our rounds through the guests because everyone was on the dance floor. You may have a new fan club of Richmonders who try to crash every local event you play from here on out! Thank you for everything... It really was the best night ever!

-Blair and Zach-

Private Party
Oct 25, 2014

Soul Play was a hit!  We had the best time at our wedding and have already received inquiries on the band name.  I couldn't be happier with our choice and hope we get to see them again in the near future.  They made our reception a true party and everyone danced the whole night!  Thank you for the recommendation and hope to see them again!!


Oct 11, 2014

Thanks for the follow-up! Soul Play was wonderful- they truly made the night incredible. We had several people say that our wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to, largely because the live band created an incredibly fun atmosphere.  Soul Play read our audience and played songs that EVERYONE loved.  Both of our grandmothers were even out on the dance floor!  I could not recommend a better band, especially if you want a fun and active wedding... Thanks for asking!


Aug 30, 2014

We absolutely LOVED Soul Play! Our guests kept commenting on how much fun the band was and how they kept the dance floor full and hopping! Al also came up to us and was very kind during the reception! We really appreciate Barry and your attentiveness!

Thank you again for making our wedding unforgettable!


Jul 26, 2014

The band was amazing. I thought they did an incredible job of engaging the audience and playing the song list that Lilly and Louis wanted. Everyone recognized that it was a successful evening in that people were on the dance floor nonstop all night... Thanks for everything.


Debutante Ball
Jun 07, 2014

I just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed Soul Play at our party Saturday night. They were wonderful to work with and very engaged working up to the event. They did a great job of feeling out the crowd and playing more low-key music at the beginning as everyone was arriving. Once the party got going, they didn't hold back and we all danced the night away. My friends and I LOVE to get on stage and they invited us up at different intervals which made it a blast. Also really liked how they came out into the crowd to interact with the guests. I can't wait to party with them again soon!

Thank you so much for helping us find them!


Private Party
May 31, 2014

We had the most amazing time at our wedding on Saturday and Soul Play was absolutely incredible. I can't say enough about them. They had the entire reception on the dance floor all night. We had the best time and everyone who came keeps raving about them!!

We will certainly recommend them to our friends. We are happy to write a review on yelp or any other platform (if you guys do that). 

Think you so much for everything. We had an incredible weekend.


May 03, 2014

I just wanted to write you again and thank you so much for helping me out with the band for our party on April 19th! It was so much fun and the band was AMAZING. I had so many people asking for their cards and contact information. I really appreciate you arranging everything for us and putting us together with Soul Play! They were such a hit.

Thank you again!


Private Party
Apr 19, 2014

Our Cotillion Club was extremely pleased with Soul Play at our Spring Dance and Debutante Ball. The music selection was great. Al and his fellow band members were easy to approach, to work with and our members really enjoyed their style. The lead vocalist had Michael Jackson down perfect and Amber and Black Diamond were excellent performers. Some of our crowd were amazed with the lead guitarist's solo piece. It was impressive! I should have made a better effort to communicate a suggested songs from their website for them earlier so that they would have been able to have their play list set, but I didn't call them until the week before to tell them how our evening would be scheduled and they adapted very well and played the songs we so enjoyed dancing to for our fun,fun evening. 


Debutante Ball
Mar 15, 2014

Thanks for your email! We were really pleased with Soul Play. They are wonderful musicians and really got our crowd going... My friend booked Soul Play for her reception in May at Atlantic Beach and I have already told her how great they are and how much she will love having them.


North Carolina Museum of History
Feb 08, 2014

They were wonderful! Gracious, accommodating, so pleasant and very talented
I realized I heard them at Christmas time for Beth at the 2500 club!!!

Thank you and JR for always finding the right thing!!!

Private Party


Private Party
Jan 18, 2014

They were fact I had more positive comments about them than any band I've booked in a while. I especially appreciated that they kept the volume down better than any band I've used before. So thanks for recommending them.


German Club Ball
Jan 17, 2014

They were FABULOUS!!! The crowd really reacted well to them.. and of course were dancing until the final moment. Loved their red Christmas Hats, and dresses. I think it really added to the occasion. 


Corporate Holiday Party
Dec 07, 2013

I just wanted to write a quick feedback for SoulPlay band that played at our wedding @ Bluewater Grill on 11/2/13. The band was simply incredible. They were very engaging with the audience and kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night. I can't tell you how many compliments were given to the band for our wedding; I wish they could all be passed along. They certainly made our night that much more special and I'm sure they picked up fans for future gigs in the future. All the best to the band.

Thanks again for a great night.

-Ryan & Marissa-

Bride & Groom
Nov 12, 2013

The band was wonderful. Thank you so much for all your help in getting them here. The dance floor was packed with students and donors, so the mix of songs was great. Thank you again for all your help.


University Event
Oct 05, 2013

Thanks to you and everyone involved with Soul Play. They were absolutely spectacular and exceeded our expectations! They had everyone up and dancing all night, just as we had hoped and their interaction with the guests was unbelievable. We have only heard positive feedback from everyone and we only have positive things to say. THANK YOU for making it such a special, wonderful, awesome time. If we are ever fortunate to throw another huge party we will DEFINITELY have Soul Play there.


Sep 28, 2013

My husband and I are extremely pleased with Soul Play Band. They made our day SO fun and special! Al and crew got the crowd engaged, took requests to appease guests, and learned a new song to make our first dance amazing! I can not say enough positive things about this group. I would highly recommend for any occasion!

-Maureen and Stephen-

Bride & Groom
May 18, 2013

Soulplay did a wonderful job. Their energy was non-stop and kept the party moving. They covered everything from Motown to New Rock. Such a great interactive band, and money well spent!!


North Carolina Potato Festival
May 17, 2013

Hello! Oh, they were fantastic!! I'd recommend them to anyone! We had a great reception and everyone loved the band, we got many positive comments. I loved how interactive with the crowd they were, great variety of music too! We loved them!!


Oct 27, 2012

All I know is Soul Play was the best wedding band I've heard or seen live. They played everything I wanted to hear and everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, I got hit with a stomach bug literally during the ceremony, spent most of the time hugging a toilet all night and wasn't able to eat or drink anything till the next day. However, that has nothing to do with Soul Play. Thanks so much for recommending them to us as it wouldn't have been the same without them. You and the rest of team/bands at EastCoast Entertainment are true professionals.


Father of the Bride
Oct 13, 2012

To follow up on our phone conversation the Soul Play band is just the best. As you know, we used them for my daughter's wedding reception party on Ocracoke Island this past weekend. The band arrived on time, set up quickly, and were ready to go well ahead of schedule. They were friendly, respectful and in a word, professional. The music chosen fit the occasion perfectly, the musicians were right on with the sound and the singers were just wonderful. I especially, along with the rest of the party, enjoyed the band's interaction with the wedding attendees. Everyone loved it. Again, in a word, the quality of entertainment was superb. I would and will recommend Soul Play highly. 


Father of the Bride
Ocracoke Island, NC
Oct 06, 2012

Saturday night was great! Our students really enjoyed Soul Play. The music was great and they were very engaging with our students. We had one little issue with the Heartwood's sound system and the band was great in getting their equipment from their van and had the music up in just a few minutes.

I spoke with one of the women in the band and thanked her for a great job and told her I was going to email you today to book them for next year. Thanks again.


Student Activity Board Event
Apr 21, 2012

Soul Play was absolutely amazing. They played great music and were the perfect fit for our fraternity's event. Their song choices were really good and they truly made the event come together. Once the dance floor filled up they kept everyone out because we were having such a good time. Thank you for suggesting them and we will definitely be trying to use them again next year if it works out.


Fraternity Event
Apr 13, 2012

It went really well. The weather was a hassle and inconvenient, but there was still a great turnout and everyone had a great time. The band was great, I really enjoyed their performance and they were very professional. They were very accommodating and worked with the limited space and money we had at our disposal. All in all it was a very efficient performance, the crowd loved them, and they were a great partner for this event. Thanks for recommending them for us.


Restoration Ball
Mar 24, 2012

Very professional. Good communications in advance of event. On time, set up and dressed appropriately. Good playlist. Would definitely recommend and would hire again.

-Lee S.-

Event Planner