My name is Leoni. I want you to experience the unexplainable. I want you to feel that feeling of wonderment you had as a kid.

I believe we should all experience astonishment from time to time. I believe you should have the best entertainer at your function, without compromise ... your event is worth it. I want you to experience amazement when I read your thoughts. I want you to believe in miracles again.

I do this with intuition, psychology, and a little bit of real magic. I alter reality, bend time, and predict choices your guests will make. I know what people will say before they hear the question. I know their decisions before they do. I know which hand someone will hide something before they make that decision. I'm a human lie detector, playing with psychology. I do this close-up, table to table, or strolling. I perform for social gatherings, weddings, conventions, and private parties. I even do a stand up show. If you need someone to create traffic at your booth, you need not look any further.

I've worked for some of the Top Fortune 500 companies. I can perform in three languages. I've entertained in France, Italy, Canada, and even Japan. I enjoy doing what I do. I've got many years of experience entertaining, under almost any circumstances. I can amaze and entertain your guests. Albert Einstein once said, "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle." I choose the latter.

My name is Leoni, and I'm the Mentalist. I will entertain your mind.