Max Major is a leading corporate presenter, speaker and entertainer. For more than 15 years his performances, key notes, and appearances have made an immediate and lasting impact on thousands of attendees, helping to create over 2075 memorable events.

His clients have included Deloitte, Facebook, Merrill Lynch, Lockheed Martin, Fannie Mae, Enterprise, Washington Redskins, PNC, Booz Allen Hamilton, Nordstrom, Accenture, Corporate Executive Board, Altria, UBS, Wells Fargo, Toll Brothers, MedImmune, Constellation Energy, 7-Eleven, ServPro, The Wharton School and many more.

Mentalism and Magic Stage Show

  • Attract Attention, Engage Audience, Deliver Message, Add WOW factor to keep your guests talking!
  • Using a combination of Magic, Mind Reading and Hypnosis Max will deliver an entertaining and interactive program that demonstrates the untapped powers of the mind
  • Bring your evening to a memorable conclusion and keep guests talking

Strolling Entertainment

When guests arrive and as they mix and mingle, Max Major will work the room bringing short impromptu performances to your guests.

  • Close-up Magic and Mind-Reading inches from your guests eyes will help break the ice, spark conversations, and add an element of surprise.
  • Max will keep guests engaged, excited and entertained in small groups, while spreading the word about the main attraction later in the evening.