This show was so WONDERFUL! Our audience was singing and dancing along the entire time. The costume changes were incredible, the energy was amazing, and the overall feel of the evening was perfect. I look forward to bringing the Masters of Soul back!!

-Reinhardt University Performing Arts, Wa-

May 08, 2021

We had a great experience with Masters of Soul. The group was easy to work with and the audience very much enjoyed the performance! We would love to have them back when we are at full capacity and would recommend them to other presenters.

-Town of Bridgewater, Bridgewater, VA-

Mar 26, 2021

We had a great experience with Masters of Soul. The group was easy to work with and the audience very much enjoyed the performance! We would love to have them back when we are at full capacity and would recommend them to other presenters.


Mar 26, 2021

Had a great show. Audience participation was very enthusiastic, with standing ovations on several occasions. Like me, once they got into the first few measures of a song we found we could, and did, sing along. Great music. Heard several comments from people saying they would like to see them again. I'm not sure of the exact attendance count but it was approaching 600 (the last number I heard was 580). We printed 500+ programs and they were all passed out at the door.

-Coffee County Arts Alliance, Enterprise,-

Jan 16, 2020

Wow! I can't say enough good things about Masters of Soul! It was one of the best concerts we've presented. The performers were delightful to work with and the audience loved every second. One of our goals was to increase the diversity of our audience and it did just that. It was great to see everyone sharing the music that brings us all together. We will definitely have them again soon!

-Upper Darby Performing Arts Center, Drex-

Apr 06, 2019

I wanted to let you know how great our show with Masters of Soul was last night. The performance was fantastic – high energy, high quality, and loads of fun. My audience absolutely had a blast – most of them were up, singing and dancing for a good portion of the show. In addition to being a wonderful concert, the Masters of Soul performers were delightful to work with – easy, flexible, true professionals!

I would love to have them back.

Please pass my thanks along to the group.


Numerica Performing Arts Center
Wenatchee, Washington
Apr 14, 2015

Just wanted to let you know the Masters of Soul show was terrific on Saturday night. Exceeded my expectations.


Gallo Center for the Arts
Modesto, California
Apr 04, 2015

Well this was more than outstanding.  I had so many people thanking me for bringing them.  I broke the rules  of the library board and extended their time to perform with an intermission.  Mr. John explained to me how the show would go.  I had some  library board members dancing out the door at the end.

Not only are they great performers and the show is Las Vegas like with costumes and dancing, but the individuals were so sweet to work with.  They loved their hotel rooms on the river and they enjoyed the dinner that was catered.    It was all singing….. no jokes, no talking…………..just constant music!  We got what we paid for.  We had 300 to attend.

Thank you for this opportunity!!


Concordia Parish Library
Ferriday, Louisiana
Oct 11, 2014

The show was wonderful, everyone loved it! The group was very easy to work with, I hope they enjoyed their stay at Foxwoods Resort Casino?

My boss is away until the end of next week, when he gets back we will decide what shows we will feature in our catalog for 2015. I will get back to you either way after that meeting.


Casino Show
May 21, 2014

I had a lovely day and I hope you did too.

Friday night was amazing!!! Even though we have had the group several times and they are always good. Friday night was "off the charts" We had a great crowd and the most diverse crowd I have seen here in my 9 years as Director. The show was outstanding and the audience was so engaged and happy. The Love Train at the end was so much fun and a good group of people joined in and led the group to their Meet and Greet in the Lobby with high fives coming from people of all colors and ages as we went by. It was a Rocky Mount love in like I have never witnessed. One of our patrons told me that she wanted us to "take the LOVE that we felt for one another tonight and spread it across our entire region." God bless them!!!!!

Thank you for an GREAT night at the Dunn!


Dunn Center for the Performing Arts - North Carolina Wesleyan College
Macon, Georgia
May 09, 2014

The show was fantastic and well received by our audience, who said this was the perfect way to conclude our season series.  The band was fantastic to work with, and they interacted well with the audience during and after the performance.  I can honestly say we would love to have them back for another show because we had several requests from the audience as they left asking us to bring them back.


Kaskaskia College Show
May 03, 2014

Wonderful! Souled out! (heehee!)  You know we love them! And  John was working his magic on Jackie, so hopefully we'll be able to work something out for two shows next time! Everybody loved the show!  It is just so much fun!!


Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts
Mar 22, 2014

It was great!


Village of Forest Park
Mar 15, 2014

WONDERFUL!!! What a pleasant group. They were professional and kind back-stage and during sound check.  Then when it was time to take the stage they delivered 110%.  The audience is still taking about how great the show was.  I had several people comment "I'm having the BEST time."  The audience was singing along with every song.

We sold 284 tickets. But had an audience of 350, including comps. The house holds 471.  

You have been a dream to work with.  I appreciate everything you've done to help bring such an exciting show to Garner.  I look forward to working with you again.


Garner Performing Arts Center
Mar 08, 2014

I am sorry I didn't respond sooner, it was an insane weekend! We had events all weekend and I worked all of them. Masters of Motown was truly one the best shows that I have presented! Actually, one of the favorite shows in the 15 years that I have been here! They were wonderful in the outreach program at Boys & Girls Club. Even though the weather was awful, the concert was attended by just under 1,000 patrons. There were nothing but positive comments from attendees with many asking for me to bring more groups like this (if only they existed!) or when MOM would be returning! It was a great night; one that reminded me why I do what I do =).

Thanks Toni!


Performing Arts Tour - Kirkland Fine Arts Center
Decatur, Illinois
Feb 14, 2014

Yes I have been meaning to email you about the show. Everything went really well. All of the performers were so nice and happy to be here.

The show was 3x as good as I had expected. The song list was Fantastic! The music combined with the dancing and interaction with the audience really made this show stand out.

The crowd wanted more and we sold out. 

Yes, I would recommend it to other presenters.


Maltz Jupiter Theater
Jan 20, 2014

I just wanted to let you know The Masters of Motown blew us away Friday night. They were incredible. We have a lot of national artists come through the venue and none are more talented vocalists than these guys were.


USC-Lancaster Event
Jan 01, 2013

It was great! They were more than pleasant and purely professional...I'd definitely recommend them to ANYONE and EVERYONE - our audience already wants them to come back! Thanks again!


Historic Henrico Theatre Event
Henrico, Virginia
Jan 01, 2013

The band was great, courteous and easy to work with. Our donors were happy and everyone commented on the quailty performance of Memories of Motown. When a band begins to play the first song of the evening and everyone floods to the dance floor, you know you have a winner. This is the most talented band I've heard in a long time. We're happy we have them reserved for New Years Eve. Thanks, and please convey our appreciation to the members of the band.


Jan 01, 2013

Three sold out shows with standing ovations in each show! They were easy, easy, easy to work with and their show was flawless, absolutely flawless. Our audience loved them and they were the bomb, soup to nuts. Our tech crew loved them, our audience loved them and we want to have them back. One of the best cover shows we've ever had. I can't say enough good things. Just terrific, this is a real hit!


Arts Center Events
Hilton Head, South Carolina
Jan 01, 2013

You must have read my mind! I was just in a meeting with Marguerite and we were raving over the Masters of Motown. They were incredible - couldn't have been better! Our guests can't say enough great things about them! Please let me know where I can share our experience to help out you and the group - reviews, websites, etc...

Thank you so much, John!


Baltimore Area Philanthropic Event
Baltimore, Maryland
Jan 01, 2013

The show was a smash hit, or as my Mayor (who never attends anything at the theatre) said "This was a homerun!" So that's a good thing to hear. The audience absolutely loved them. The ladies were so gracious and made a special point to call a gentleman out by name and acknowledge his birthday. I will definitely recommend them to my colleagues at our next Georgia Presenters meeting!

Thanks for all of your help in making this fundraiser such a success!


Fundraising Event
Jan 12, 2012

Masters of Motown are an awesome trip back to the 50's, 60's, & 70's. The audience moved and sang along with every song! A beautiful group of people to work with and an awesome concert. I recommend them to everyone.

-Cynthia J.-

CityStage & Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA
Springfield, Massachusetts
Sep 13, 2011

John, the group was fabulous. Both the guys and gals were perfect ladies and gentlemen. The show was fantastic and received rave reviews from everyone. They, the public, are so excited the band is returning for New Years Eve (TFC)and I am sure it will be sold out. I thank you so much for working with the Museum they do appreciate it so. The Memories of Motown Show was flawless. They sounded great, they looked great and they performed great! It was a very professional show and I am sure you can book this act anywhere. If you need a reference I will be glad to give one. Once again, thank you and EastCoast for making me look like a hero.


Museum Gala
Aug 01, 2009