Mark Johnson is a professional mentalist, mind reader and psychic entertainer. He performs his stage show for associations, conventions, colleges and universities, non-profits, business groups and more. He will tell you, your guests and your audience what they're thinking. He'll reveal the name of your first pet, a childhood friend, hometown, or the serial number of a $1 bill picked at random. And that's just the beginning. Mark is funny, clean, perfect for audiences of all sizes, and what he does is impossible explain.

He also performs one-on-one with individuals, couples and small groups at pre-function parties, cocktail parties, private events and special celebrations.

And he performs psychic readings for corporate events, cocktail parties, pre function events, banquets and private parties. His readings include the use of Tarot cards, palmistry, numerology and handwriting analysis.

He'll show you and your audience that the mind is more powerful than you might think, and you'll have a fascinating and fun time discovering what might be possible.

The audience is always a big part of the show, and Mark is happy to customize the entertainment for specific occasions.

Mark travels from Atlanta. He is a member of the invitation-only Psychic Entertainers Association, an exclusive organization of psychic entertainers from around the world.

Whether it's his stage show for conventions, after dinner entertainment for banquets and special events, amazing guests one-on-one at cocktail parties, or doing entertaining individual readings, Mark is the ideal, one-of-a-kind entertainment that leaves audiences speechless.